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Anon user Fionacat notes: It's intresting that the time and date stamps have been stripped from this because there was a lot more then just this, including I recall quite clearly rejoing after being K:Lined (thanks to a dial up connection which I could just terminate/redial to get a totally new IP) —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs) .

Ircle does not show date stamps when saving a file to desktop unless its turned on in "preferences," and that's all I was able to capture... Spirou 02:30, 2 August 2007 (UTC)

BBC/Fionacat event (IRC log.) For historical/citation purposes.[edit]

  1. BF: Spirou LittleDog @SptedKity @Chairo @Kandra @Tanan @Timduru @Darosne @Saguaro
      • End of NAMES list.
      • Mode is +tn
  Darosne: Call it off? Are you crazy?!
  Saguaro: Kandra, as a YiffNet admin, could call it off.
      • Mode change "+o LittleDog" on #BF by Tanan
      • Mode change "+o Spirou" on #BF by Tanan
   Spirou: Danke, Tanan
  Darosne: Why give her the idea?
   Kandra: Darsone: People are scheduling a PUBLIC event on a PRIVATE network without getting authorization from the admins. YES we admins have every right in the world to stop this.
  Saguaro: LilDog: Do you write English?
   Spirou: Is there a problem with the BBC thing?
   Kandra: I still haven't made up my mind, but let me tell you this, if more people than Darsone are starting to think that they can do whatever they want on this network, I will.
      • LittleDog has left channel #bf (LittleDog)
  • Tanan (Tanan@* Possibily yes.
  Darosne: Hey, I never said I could do whatever I wanted. I just objected to having this called off. I have that right. 
      • Fionacat ( has joined channel #bf
      • Mode change "+o Fionacat" on #BF by Tanan
 Fionacat: are we all ready?
   Spirou: ...
  Saguaro: Fionacat: did you clear this with the yiffnet admin(s)?
   Kandra: Fionacat: Are you the one in charge of this event?
 Fionacat: 1) no 2) no
   Kandra: Then who is?
      • Locandez ( has joined channel #bf
 Locandez: re
      • Mode change "+o Locandez" on #BF by Tanan
   Spirou: ...4 minutes to go...What is the final veredict?...
   Kandra: As one of the admins of this network, I had NO previous knowledge of this event, and it definitely haven't been authorized by any admins as far as I know.
      • Matt_Squ (Mattsq@ has joined channel #BF
 Fionacat: and your point kandra?
  Darosne: No one really knows. I believe  that Spirou refered people here in a post on alf.
      • Mode change "+o Matt_Squ" on #BF by Tanan
   Kandra: Fionacat: That I possibly will not authorize this event to take place on this network.
   Spirou: ...And AFF,...
   Kandra: Fionacat: This is a private network. Public events are generally not welcome here.
 Locandez: kandra: what event?
  Darosne: Let's not get carried away. If we want to schedule an event on Yiffnet in the future, we'll ask the admins.
 Fionacat: if you try we sue you so fast you can't blink, wanna try?
  Darosne: Stop, Fionacat!
 Locandez: Whoosh
           Fionacat freezes
      • DarrelX ( has joined channel #BF
 Fionacat: what?
  Darosne: Challenging her won't do any good!
           Locandez will wait for a few minutes, then leave
   Spirou: ...One minute,...
   Kandra: Fionacat: You're talking to one of the owners of a PRIVATE network. You have absolutely NO right here.
           Fionacat will just phone Vincent to see if he's having any problems, brb.
      • Signoff: Fionacat (Leaving)
      • Chandler ( has joined channel #BF
    Tanan: Fiona, IRC is a private net. And like any private net, the owners and administratiors can close it down.
  Darosne: An admin is thinking about cancelling this event, she threatens to sue her?! She is nuts!
 Locandez: too late, Tanan ;)
   Kandra: Well, that comment decided everything for me.
 Locandez: relax, all. Fionacat will phone Vincent, then return with more info
      • Mode change "+o Chandler" on #BF by Tanan
   Kandra: I'm not going to authorize this event.
      • Mode change "+o DarrelX" on #BF by Tanan
 Chandler: So is this channel BF to avoid SmokedBot?
  Darosne: What comment? Mine? I was on your side!
   Kandra: Darsone: Fionacat's.
      • Matt_Squ has left channel #BF (Matt_Squ)
   Kandra:  <Fionacat> if you try we sue you so fast you can't blink, wanna try?
   Spirou: Kandra, she is not the only person interested in this event. In behalf of those people, could we have a late authorization to it, please?.
   Kandra: That comment.
 Chandler: Okay, what went on while I was sitting idle on #burnedfur?
    Tanan: Nothing
  DarrelX: yeah...
  Darosne: Please don't ruin this for all of us just because we have one radical fur.
  Saguaro: Beasley hasn't even shown up yet.
  DarrelX: Sounds like something... ?
      • Fionacat ( has joined channel #bf
 Fionacat: re
   Spirou: Kandra, Please?
 Locandez: spoke to VB?
  Darosne: Everyone! If we want to congregate in Yiffnet in the future, we WILL ask the admins. Everyone understand?
   Spirou: Yes.
 Fionacat: nope VB is not in his office just now.
  Saguaro: Most intelligent thing I'd heard all afternoon.
   Kandra: Fionacat: For your information, this event is not authorized to take place.
      • Mode change "+o Fionacat" on #BF by Tanan
 Chandler: I don't understand, because I'm a late arrival here.  Will someone take a moment to explain what this little tempest is all about>
   Kandra: This is a Private IRC network. We as the admins have every right in the world to deny public events to take place.
  DarrelX: reagardless of "right", why would you care?
  DarrelX: just asking...
  Darosne: For now, I implore you Kandra to reconsider. We won't do this again. At least, I won't.
  Saguaro: Kandra is a Yiffnet admin. it's her job to care.
 Fionacat: well actually we'll just host it somewhere else
  DarrelX: what exactly is it that she has a problem with?  not asking, or talking to VB?
   Kandra: You're more than welcome to host it somewhere else. On Yiffnet however, you're not.
      • Signoff: Locandez (Leaving (iChat v0.69 (19-Dec-98)))
 Fionacat: why not Kandra
  DarrelX: Sorry for coming in late, but I feel I'm missing something.
 Fionacat: we are not participating in "Flooding, hacking, harassment, threats, and generally nasty behaviour"
   Kandra: Fionacat: Because this is a private network. Public events are generally not welcome here, and arranging it without getting authorizations from the admins might get it shut down BY the admins.
 Chandler: You aren't alone there Darrel.  I'm considering just blowing this off if nobody will tell me what this stupid fight is over.
  Saguaro: RC, Darrel, /msg me your email addys.
  Darosne: Most of us are asking you nicely, Kandra. I have publicly apologized. Doesn't that mean anything?
   Kandra: For the record, what tipped the scales in this decicion was the threat of lawsuit. You may sue as much as you want.
 Fionacat: sorry folks even if Vincent does turn up it appears that we won't be allowed to host it, sorry.
 Fionacat: that was not a threat, that was a promise.
   Kandra: Go ahead.
   Kandra: We'll countersue.
 Fionacat: you are welcome to
   Spirou: Aw, jeeezuz!!
   Kandra: For your information, you have absolutely no legal backing here. This is a private network and we as admins have FULL right to arbitrarily allow any event to take place or not.
  Timduru: I really don't understand what you are trying to do Fiona,  I or you have no rights on this network,   saying you'd sew the admin can't help at all !! 
  Darosne: Chandler, this event was not authorized by the admins, and Fionacat is infuriating Kandra, an admin, by promising to sue her if she cancels this.
      • RailRide ( has joined channel #BF
   Kandra: If we want to ban everyone who's real name starts with a Z, we're PERFECTLY free to do so, because this is our network. We make up the rules, see?
      • Kandra has been kicked off channel #bf by Fionacat (You are distrubing a meeting, please cool off and come back later.)
      • Kandra ( has joined channel #bf
  Timduru: now if Vincent comes , we can still host the session on another irc network .. 
   Spirou: oh, great,...
      • Signoff: Fionacat (Killed (Kandy (You're disturbing this network. Welcome back later.)))
  Darosne: What the?!
      • Mode change "+o Kandra" on #BF by Tanan
      • Mode change "+o RailRide" on #BF by Tanan

Fionacat say,[edit]

I recall coming back after that and it made me kind of giggle lots because Kandra couldn't figure out why the @ban hammer wasn't working (dial up modem, randomly assigned IP and username on reconnect, rocking) anyone have what happened afterwards when there was nice calmness and the yiffnet admins weren't being assholes?

Birth date uncertainty[edit]

LiveJournal says September 15, 1979. However, the Fursuit Database (assuming it's the same Feefers) suggests June 24, 1979.--Higgs Raccoon 22:35, 11 January 2013 (EST)

"Controversies" removed[edit]

I removed the "controversies" section by request of Feefers/Fionacat, agreeing with her that it was rather outdated and irrelevant. (Sorry I wasn't logged in, password problem.) --Unci (talk) 09:54, 20 April 2015 (EDT)

The event is historical, in a furry fandom context. It was quite an event that was heavily discussed at that time across the fandom (I would know, I was on IRC channel when everything exploded). It was not irrelevant, and yes, it was long ago, but all history is kind of... "outdated". - Spirou (talk) 16:44, 20 April 2015 (EDT)