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Alerting User:Spirou to likely revert war by User:Fesothe and pointing out past contributions where Fesothe added Jimmy Kimmel and Dril links himself but is attempting reverts as if they are "not notable".

Fesothe: It is are not notable drama as nothing occurred beyond one tweet towards Dril and one separate message on TV that had nothing to do with Dril, and it has been added to vandalise, defame and self promote a reddit comment or post for reddit coins, the original tweet was one tweet and it's not required to have a whole section to explain one tweet. You're trying to fabricate a narrative that there is drama and that dril and nazifur slur is linked which it is not, and I wont let you do so on my wikifur page as I believe its against wikifur policy to enter fake information to attempt to profit from it.

Update Fesothe: It looks like the comment or post on reddit has been removed as it now redirects to the main website of reddit. I can not see it on the sub reddit either. Requesting to remove this section about it.