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2006 attendance[edit]

I deleted the "184 furs attended the 2006 event" statement. When registration was opened, Feral! staff clearly stated that they would only be allowing 150 'registered and paid' campers to attend the convention (and we even state as such in the article), so having 184 attendees is a bit of a contradiction.

The Anthro Fandom Convention Infosheet quotes the 184 figure, but here's the thing: seems to have been extracted from the "Who's Going?" page on their website. This page does *NOT* just list everyone that actually attended the camp, but it also includes people who registered and later decided not to go or didn't pay - either way, the long and short of it is that 184 registered, but less than that actually paid and went. I can see a few examples of this. So until we get an affirmative and realistic figure, I would discourage posting those numbers.

I've also cross-posted this message to the Feral! 2006 discussion page. --Scani 16:41, 10 September 2006 (UTC)