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Other Feep Commands[edit]

I only know of the two ways to access Feep that are mentioned in the entry...I know there's at least one or two other ways, but I've forgotten the commands. If anyone knows of any others, please add them. Spaz Kitty

I found another possible one by Googling: spoof #feep. Doesn't work on GlowMUCK or ProtoMUCK...anyone have a place with Fuzzball MUCK they can test it on? Spaz Kitty

Never mind -- researched some more, checked FurryMUCK. Will add ASAP. Spaz Kitty

Species Page?[edit]

I couldn't find much more about the Feep fictional species other than some images on the Fuzzball page ( Should there be a disambiguation page with the addition of a Feep species page? I don't know how much information there is to find on them aside from the pictures and references to Fuzzball and the Feep commands. Spaz Kitty

I'm going to add a Feep (species) page stub, but what would this page be moved to? Spaz Kitty
Moving to Feep (term)...feel free to move it elsewhere if there's a more appropriate description for it. Spaz Kitty

My feep is different![edit]

I thought I ought to say: when I run 'spoof #feep', I get "Spoof #feep: <_<", and my puppet gets "Spoof #feep: 2". --BugQ 00:01, 28 August 2008 (UTC)

Ah, actually, it seems to depend on the room in which the command is run. I'll edit that in. --BugQ 02:47, 28 August 2008 (UTC)