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Hi Fe'ath. This is Arkain. A tall green friendly anthro-lizard. We had a fair number of chats and some Rp's. I don't even know if you have even having any memory of me where it was so long ago in Eka's Portal younger years. There may not have been that many RP's between us. But I remember the quality of the Rp's over the quanity. So basically I don't remember what was said, more the fun of the chats. I visit Eka's occasionally posting to a RP that has been going on for years. I saw a post somewhere in Eka's talking about owls and for some odd reason I thought about you. Odd, I know. Even weird. I don't know why I am sending it. I guess I was just feeling nostalgic The odds of you even responding are astronomical. Odds of you even remembering me. Ridiculous. What do I expect from you? Very very little. I promise. No RP's or anything like that. Just a friendly HI. How ya doing? If you are uncomfortable responding or simply don't want to.. No worries. No hard feelings. This will be the only post I will send. If you want to say HI send me a message in Discord to Arkain #7880. Thanks