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this is bullshit...i fucking made this and i cant even add to my thing...thats just rifuckingdicules

Removal of comment[edit]

"(Note: He is NOT the person using the same name on DevientArt....Yah he isnt a Transgender or a babyfur..Josh likes his dick..... and doesn't wear diapers..)"

Ok, I removed this comment, because dispite any disagreements between you and the other FalloutFox, this comment was unnecessary. Not all babyfurs wear diapers, and not all transgendered people 'hate' the body parts they have. That being said, this comment was rude towards any one within those groups, not just your target. -Skirtandzy


I have made some changes to this page to make it more accurate. The last edit was in November 2010, it is now October 2011. A lot can change in a year ;)