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Fairlight's commentary[edit]

(Okay, this is Fairlight.. just came and saw this. I just took off the website due to some interest of the media about the mature plush-related content I had there.. and on the other hand I just had no idea what to really put on my page.. I am still part of the european fandom, tho not that active on a daily basis. I am one of the head puppeteers for the yearly Eurofurence LSD-Show (Lionel Scritchie's Dormitory, a puppet show we started after I was at Confurence and worked there with Teddy Ruxpin. We do this show for 6 years already.. I am the puppeteer and voice of Poke, a rather.. ferrty.. ferret, and am also playing the Panda there, who seems to have a different role in all our shows, kinda like a running gag.)

(About the Song: Furry Art was not really written by me alone. That was the first true ERF Production and it wasn't even my brainchild, I just helped developing it, so to say. The only song that really is 100% from me on that CD is Morning in the Jungle, which I composed using a rather cheap music tracker so poor Cheetah had to completely redo it on his synthesizer to get a quality suited for CD production.) - Fairlight

Ah, just saw this as well :-) I've removed the incorrect message that you'd left the fandom, tried to correct the attribution the FF2, and added the pawpet contributions. I hope it is correct, otherwise you can correct it yourself, also :-) - O'wolf 17:36, 12 Dec 2005 (UTC)