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I'm going to move the text from this edit over to this talk page, since it appears to be a note from someone involved with the project:

==Long-term Fallout==
(please note: I am going to have a problem keeping this content-neutral, as I was involved with [Sibe]'s original incarnation of the site... as an unqilling guest. I point this out so that anyone who feels a fair and unbiased viewpoint should be presented.)
In the initial aftermath of FXC's "release" of "members-only" pictures from the fursuityiff list, there were many, many calls for his head. These have lasted approximately two years; however, many of the more vocal people have shut up about it. One of the reasons why, as told by someone whose photos were up: "I'm never going to run for office, so it can hardly ruing me that way. And while I was looking at it, the comments ran from "Ew this is so disgusting" to "Damn, that's hot." I looked at myself, and realized that being called "hot" wasn't exactly a bad thing -- so I anonymously messaged them, asking the posters if they liked what they saw. Couldn't get a response, obviously, but I just wanted to let them know that their appreciation hadn't gone unnoticed."
Full disclosuer time: I had photos combined with two cheetahs who wished to remain nameless, and with three partners-in-fun, three of whom remain nameless. My name is [Kyle Hamilton], [Winged], [WolfoftheAir], [Aerowolf] -- any way you wish to contact me, I can be found. My friends were not angry at their photo sets distributed (and if you think THOSE are bad, just wait until others come out), though one of thesm COULD end up in serious consequences if people put two and two together.on the flip side, I don't particularly care.
I do know that Fleet and Zeno care, quite a bit, and if it is possible to get rid of the cheetahs from your collections, I'll find some way to repay you.
Thanks for your time.

--Douglas Muth 13:32, 7 September 2006 (UTC)