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If you want the inside story on what faf did and why they got banned: They got mad that people pirated their comics, I'm not here to comment on the legality or moral implications of such things, but what faf did in response was wholly inappropriate. They doxxed people and posted their info on a public website external to furaffinity and patreon, claiming the documented individuals were "thieves". This is called "taking the law into one's own hands" and it's important to note that doxxing is against the user agreement on most social media sites. The law already has accomodations for creators rights enshrined in copyright law, faf chose not to use the appropriate route for the enforcement of their rights, faf chose to take the law into their own hands and broke terms of service doing so.

Everything that has happened to faf because of this is nobody's fault but their own, blaming site administrators for doing their jobs is not right.

I wish I'd archived their doxxing site where they posted info.