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I thouugh you'd find this funneh. It was left on my talk page after I added the banana statement.


I'm wondering about recent edit. It could very well be true; I don't know. It just seems odd for such a short article. Maybe you have a source for this information. The talk page would be a suitable place to discuss any sources or questioned facts. --Rat 16:07, 15 August 2006 (UTC)

Ena likes bananas. It's well known amongst her friends. I added it because I thought the article was pointless, I mean who cares if she is a furry artist from the UK? Not me, there are loads of us. But adding the fact that she likes bananas makes it far more interesting. There is a real person there, and she happens to like bananas. --Padfoot 12.07, 16th August 2006

Her DA username is enabanana, is that enough proof that Ena like bananas? There is some art of her with bananas, and her fursonna is yellow with spots, like a banana. --Padfoot 13.47, 16th August 2006