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I would like my birthdate kept off this page as I see it's already been indexed by Google and I feel it's a little too personally identifying. Yes my birthdate is on my livejournal page, but that is not Google indexed, on purpose. I don't mind people seeing it who've navigated there from somewhere that isn't a search engine, just don't want it on a page that turns up slap bang as the first Google hit on my nickname. Is there a way of preventing Google from indexing this? I generally prefer to stay in the shadows a bit.. --Elfasi - talk 14:07, 13 Aug 2007 (BST)

Apparently there is no easy way of hiding this from Google, so I'm afraid I'm removing the links to my furry page and my livejournal for now. I prefer such pages to be found by word of mouth, by friends and friends of friends. They are not Google indexed and this page is google hit number 1 for me right now, so it's too risky for me. --Elfasi - talk 00:02, 04 Sep 2007 (BST)