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Comment from eFudd: Actually I don't blame Mitch for being banned, he grew upset about the fact that I found a furry worth picking on. I'll give you a hint, the furry kicks and screams when he doesn't get his way, but likes to point out when others have in his forum. Its the same furry that has made fun of furry obesity for years, yet photographic evidence shows hes no different. This part about his own personal wieght problem could be seen with the constant turnover of his forum moderators, most of which mysteriously dissapper. This furry makes fun of those who try to defend thier names, yet has his own public relations furry to edit out his wikifur page. Its BECAUSE of this furry that I first learned what furry was (about 1 year ago), not knowing that thier was a real fandom with real feelings.

eFudd:'unhealthy levels of anti-furry hatred' and 'annoying up the place', from the furry that didn't like the idea of being fursecuted himself. It should be pointed out that Mitch was somewhat lean on finacial payments to keep Crush Yiff Destroy up and running. I just tried to organize a group of CYD and persuede them that rather than an incompetant dictator, it would make more sense for the forum members to run it. Some time had passed until Mitch scraped up enough to pay for CYD to be online again. And Mitch is the one that says furries are unemployed?

eFudd: Any institution that claims to be omnipotent in judging others is likely to be judged itself, with an equal measure of critism.

eFudd: Mitch has said before that, "furries can't take a joke". So I tested that theory and as you can see, it worked didn't it?

eFudd: Many of which tossed around the idea that he looked like the Burger King mascot. I present to wikifur and the furry community Exibit A:[1] Gave him some special music to make him feel impoortant.

Just FYI, Henry, the reason CYD took some time to reappear back in the day was not down to lack of cash. How come my own personal stalker doesn't know that? And how come you can't find any other photos of me apart from the one on Wikifur? Wow, I'm truly disappointed. You just can't be bothered, can you? Try harder, man! Make an effort! I'm embarrassed to have such an ineffectual stalker! Mitch 11:13, 24 October 2006 (UTC)