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There's a few slightly awkward turns of phrase in this, particularly the 3rd paragraph. And I think the first sentence of para 3 would be better as part of para 1. It's been a long time, and several rules versions, since I played D&D, so I doubt it's significant that the description seems unfamiliar. And maybe it's worth mentioning that D&D is the one roleplaying game that most people have heard of. "Are you playing D&D?" is almost the standard question.

Start something like this:

Dungeons & Dragons, commonly known as D&D, is the game which sparked the multi-million dollar roleplaying game industry in 1974, when it was first released. It has evolved through several versions, from Gary Gygax's original to the current system sold by Wizards of the Coast, and is the base for several furry-themed games.

I think that is a better opening paragraph, which manages to summarise the topic, rather than diving into details.

AntoniaTiger 21:28, 3 Oct 2005 (UTC)