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I don't know how to do citations, but here is the page on my site where the quote about my name is from: "If you're curious what "Dracokon" even means, let me explain. It's actually a combination of "draco" (Latin for "dragon") and "convention" spelled with a K. "Dracokon" means "dragon meeting/gathering", I don't think it really has a special meaning or anything but it sounds cool, and the domain name was available!" Dracokon 23:13, 11 June 2008 (UTC)

Neato. Been watching this page off and on for many years and it's cool seeing random edits and readers fleshing this page out. I've corrected a few mistakes or incorrect information here and there over the years (and tried adding citations where needed) so I think I've got a lot of bits sorted out. I uploaded and added a new photo of me to the Wiki taken this year at a convention I was a guest at. I also added a link to my "fursona" page, so maybe someday I will just copy the info from the "Character" section here and paste it to the new article. Just wanted to say thanks to the folks who have casually added stuff to the page here, according to my website's analytics I get a lot of referral traffic from here. :P AndreKon 19:01, 15 October 2013 (EDT) (Also I forgot the login details for my original "Dracokon" account here. Whoops.)

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