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I propose that this page be deleted since it is a copy of what is on WikiPedia. Alternatively, we could trim the page down a LOT, and have a link to the relavent WikiPedia article. Comments? --Dmuth 05:07, 20 Nov 2005 (UTC)

I think I trimmed the page down enough, some of it is still a copy of Wiki, but I'm not sure whether to get rid of the symbolic and literary uses of the donkey or not.


Not to be an "ass" or anything, but maybe we could set up a disambig page for donkey, seeing as there's a fursuiter out there and then of course we COULD include an article about the Shrek character. Could we consider him furry? I tend to think so, furry isn't just limited to anthropomorphic types, you know.--Kendricks Redtail 00:01, 3 February 2007 (UTC)


I've done a rewrite from a more-furry perspective. Some of the information on terminology etc, I've brought over from the Wikipedia article, but I've also given more prominence to some of the various anthropomorphic representations in literature and film. Bezel 04:19, 20 July 2011 (EDT)

Okay. We could also do with actual articles on those characters, too. Equivamptalk 17:39, 20 July 2011 (EDT)
Give me a chance, I'm editing in between stuffs whilst at work...which is when I'm supposed to be ...err..working ;) Bezel 03:52, 21 July 2011 (EDT)
I know, it was more a nudge for other editors to start them, as I'm too lazy too even add them to my repitoir. Equivamptalk 14:20, 21 July 2011 (EDT)