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The "Desiree Lee=Jim Hardiman" fiasco[edit]

Reinstated this dubious assertion, as it is repeated ad nauseam as much and often as the furry lore of TDK=Eric W Schwartz, and we have this last one archived in those entries. If thinks is not relevant or inappropriate, will delete it, but I have seen this "discussion" so many times, so many places, I thought maybe it should be mentioned.

Also, anybody know the address of the still up and running parody site mention on the article?. Thanks Spirou 07:34, 24 December 2006 (UTC)

The fact that since Jim's demise we haven't seen hair nor hide from her should be mentioned as well. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs) .
People leave the fandom without reason or announcement (see Xianjaguar). It hasn't been that long to note. - Spirou (talk) 16:23, 2 April 2017 (EDT)
We're coming up on six years since Jim's death, and the only 'proof' we have "Desiree Lee" ever existed is the same decades-old photo and the same hazy 'recollections' by serial fabulists CigarSkunk and Jim Groat. Lee and BulletSoup were sustained and masterful fictions concocted by Hardiman, but isn't it time to drop this charade? - —The preceding unsigned comment was added by 2a00:23c4:7d1c:ba01:7124:a5fe:d2ab:798 (talkcontribs) .

Parody site[edit]

Her parody work used to be on, even after she left the site. It was still there until the Jab archives had server problems, and many artists had to reinstall their sites. Hers did not return. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Belltower (talkcontribs) .

Information about incident[edit]

From Belltower's 13:26, 26 December 2006 edit:

From what I can recall, Desiree left the Jab archives after a conflict with the webmaster. She had designed a character, which was actually owned and registered (copyrighted) to Jim Hardiman, for use on the Jab site. (The character was intended for Desiree's "By the Tail" site). The images Desiree produced for the site were the extent of the character's involvement, but then other artists, as well as the webmaster, began portraying the character in ways it was not meant to be portrayed.

This ticked off Desiree, and there was a big scuffle about it. In the end, the webmaster changed the site mascot to a different character, and Desiree pulled her site down. I think the February 2006 comic from her "By the Tail" site hints to this.

At the very least, I think this needs some wikifying before reinsertion. - DataBank 21:02, 26 December 2006 (UTC)