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KDelany 22:16, 7 November 2006 (UTC): My information is from two December 1998 posts to the Message Board - OOC Lounge in The Lion King MUCK. Copied from a saved log:

53) Lilira  Yesterday -- ...DarkMoon MUCK. :)
From: Lilira  14:33:15 12/10/98 PST
     Hey-hi. :) *bounces* I'm just here to post yet -another- message about
a new MUCK! :) This one is called DarkMoon MUCK. It's an anthropomorphic,
African-type MUCK. It takes place in the future, and is a Sci-Fi/Furry
based MUCK. It looks very promising. :) I like it. Some of the characters
there are /very/ fictional ( winged Felines, dragons, shapshifters, etc...
) and others are just anthro animals ( anything African. :) ). If you'd
like a character, you can e-mail either Gem ( head Wizzie ) or I ( just a
plain old Wizard ) with this information:
1~> Your real name. Please, no screen names. :)
2~> E-mail address. Try to have one that -isn't- web-based ( hotmail,
rocketmail, yahoo!, etc... ). ^-^ 
3~> Character name. Be original and attempt to be African, kay? :)
4~> Character species. ^-^
5~> Character sex. :) Male or female. No 'Unknown's. :P
6~> Planet of Origin. ( Earth, Mars, whatever. ^-^ )
These are _NECESSARY_ before your character can be created. :) And that's
it! Any questions, comments, character requests, etc... can be directed to
any of the Wizards on the MUCK or to Gem. The address is: Woo-woo! :) 
~*~ Cerise
P.S...reach me at or Gem at ... shoot, I forget her
e-mail addy! :P Just connect to the MUCK as a guest and MUCKmail her. Kay?
Kay. ^-^
54) Janjamoja  Yesterday -- A note on DarkMoon Muck..
From: Janjamoja  14:41:03 12/10/98 PST
She mentioned dragons above, and I have to explain a few things about that:
The dragons there, both male -AND- female, will be treated much like the
AMLs are here.  You will have to grow through stages.  There will be
drakes, which are basically lesser dragons that you don't have to go
through the aging process with, and there will be dracos, which are like a
cross between man and drake.
Just a small note so everyone doesn't go racing for dragons.. =)