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Restored article. Personal encounters of the term in context with Furry Fandom is/was one of the first earliest ones since self involvement with it.

It surprised me that the article was deleted, as I wrote an lengthy counter-point about it, and posted here on the talk page,... and probably hit "Preview" instead of "Save". Okay, just the tl;dr version: Earliest Furry term I came across since being aware of the fandom (conversation between Fred Patten and animator Marc Schirmeister at a local Southern California CAPS, 1983/1984, about "known" furry artist abusing his "Couch Tour"), further use in Furry BBSes, furry fanzines/magazines from the era (Rowrbrazzle, Furversion, Gallery), used extensively in Jim Groat's illustrated furry con reports, further verbal confirmation of its use as an exclusive furry term from early 1980s to 2001.

Noted in prior (not saved, doh) talk page entry that this is one of the many articles in queue to be enhanced/expanded/referenced (scan copies of magazines/fanzines with examples), verbal confirmation by users (Marc Schirmeister and Lou Scarborough confirm), how account at present residence of individual abusing his "couch tour" privilege, and how to properly add this one, and referenced accounts of the "individuals" that would go into the Controversy section without sounding insulting, or provide fodder to critics". Just FYI and reason for revert - Spirou 22:15, 24 April 2013 (EDT)