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HI Phil,

Corpus Lupus is very graphic in as far as what cops see in there daily lives and it is terrible to think that some one would do such a think for power or any reason. It is graphic so we understand where the cop is coming from he wants to do his job and be a good cop. That it was not his choice to be a werewolf he does not want to be the pack leader, but to keep peace between the humans and werewolf's kind he would have to fight his old pack leader. Not just for the kids the older werewolf had already killed, but for the ones the older pack leader would kill in the future. You have to remember that the cop is as much a victim as the kids in the end he is the only one that is strong enough to stop his old pack leader and correct the balance of power. He already sees the great price it will cost him for he will hear the one child in his mind for the rest of his life.

I know this sounds like a sales pitch it is and advisment: At this time the head editor of the Raccoon's Bookshelf is having problems with the printers of the paper back copies of the story, he is working to get the paper back copies of Corpus Lupus correct and back on the shelves. We do have some of our first run in spiral bound if any one would like their own copy which includes two other chapters, you can e-mail to If you would rather talk to a male my husband haunts, he is The Old Grey Raccoon he runs the online library where we have books and poetry that is Free to any one that loves to read.

Thank for taking the time to read my thoughts,

Read a book and let your imagination take flight

Crystal Dragon Raccoon