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Content was: Clover T. Bunny is the name of a babyfur who resides in the state of Illinois. His real name being Robert, Clover prefers to be addressed as Clover. He is a white lop earred bunny with bright green hair on his head and a patch of the same color green on his tummy. He has pink foot pawpads and pink hand pawpads. His most noticeable markings are a set of four-leafed clovers on this cheeks. In real life, Clover is a very friendly, generous, outgoing, and lovable person. He also has multiple alternate fursonas, all of which are also Babyfurs. Crinkles, Sunshine, and Blossom are all bunnies that are family that all are Clover's alternate. fursonas. Clover also has Summer the unicorn, and Strawberry the skunk as fursonas, who are also Babyfur characters. Clover currently has two fursuits, one of his character Crinkles and the other of his fursona Clover.

- Spirou (talk) 22:28, 5 August 2021 (EDT)