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Citation for Citrus[edit]

From "Citras Dancing by ~zaush"

"Citras, an intellectual creation of mine, are a race of biologically engineered creatures, created to discover genetic traits linked to homosexuality. Scientists scrapped the project, due to a lack of funding, and attempted to exterminate the creatures for the sake of ecological harmony. The citras escaped the facility, and since then, hunting or killing them had been outlawed. The citras are useful in providing entertainment to nearby civilized units, and are paid in physical resources.

90% of the population consists of homosexual males, but the rest live in small breeding tribes to sustain the population. These straight flavors have notable physical differences from the citras, and are known as citrus. Earlier renditions of mine have traditionally been of the citrus'."

That comment to a piece was submitted to deviant art in 2005 so it should be reasonably accurate

Meep. Didn't realize there was a backstory. This is what happens when people forget to mirror important stuff like this. So much for humor value but at least I can do the next best thing and make it accurate. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Octan (talkcontribs) .

More Backstory[edit] NSFW

Yes, the intended story behind these critters is that a citra is a mutation of a fictional hybrid animal called a citrus, which in fact look considerably different than a citra. A citra's stature is stunted, and their sexual preference is very much homosexual. This mutation was distilled and bred by scientists until the ratio was about 1/10 citrus to citra, in hopes of discovering a genetic pattern in homosexuality.

Ultimately the research was deemed discriminatory and illegal, an the citras/citrus were liberated by environmental extremists. They escape into the forest where citrus colonies continue breeding cycles, and cast out citras find more of their own kind to form unproductive colonies that are basically social orgies that visitors are welcomed to visit.

Granted it's a summary, but as much of a backstory as I'd bothered to concoct! I guess "fer real" is a relative term for something that's wholly fictional and created for the purpose of an artistic muse.

Citrus females are much more feral looking, the females walking on all fours and being generally worshipped and protected by the males, who themselves look more human in proportion, and with sharper angles and a leaner physique. I believe I posted a picture to yerf many ears ago that fits my mental mindset of their proportions and courting style.

IRC channel[edit]

I'm confused, the IRC channel was removed from the wiki entry claiming it doesn't exist. Yet, there are eight people there. The channel is still registered as can be seen below:

-ChanServ- Information for channel #citra:

-ChanServ- Founder: Gasmask

-ChanServ- Description: A chat all about those cute little creatures we all love, Citras! Citras are copyright Adam Wan.

-ChanServ- Registered: Jul 16 11:52:41 2009 CEST

-ChanServ- Last used: Sep 28 20:42:53 2009 CEST

-ChanServ- Last topic: According to Wan, citras were created by bioengineers in Earth future to discover genetic traits linked to homosexuality. To that end, 90% of them are homosexual males; the rest, both male and female, were used to propagate the species and were known as "citruses." -Wikifur article :3

-ChanServ- Topic set by: Gasmask is spreading miss information?

As of May 3, 2015 there is no registered #citra or #Citra on FurNet, so the IRC channel section has been removed from the wiki page - 14:55, 3 May 2016 (EDT)