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This page is currently being worked on by a few people. I am helping to gather information that shows that Catfx has passed. Califur made a tweet about him on the day of his passing. I see that socalfurs has already been referenced.

People are also attempting to load in images but not sure how successful they are. User leading the charge does not know Wikifur well. - User:SiriusKarma - Oggy

I was just given information that Catfx did not wish to have any sort of internet presence. It might be best to have this article removed. - User:SiriusKarma-Oggy
I have been sharing a house with cat for many years. I feel that this article should remain and I am the one who took care of him until his passing. - User: lironess-Brianna
I'm a bit confused then. You stated in the SoCalFurs mailing list on Yahoo this page is not something that CatFX would have been okay with. As far as I am aware, users that do not wish to be part of the wikifur project can opt to not have a page. As this individual is not longer with us, could we have an admin come and make a decision on this page based on this information? Image below in conflicting information from Lironess. - User:SiriusKarma -Oggy
This is not him having "an internet presence" (user is deceased), this a now an historical entry (see also: Wikipedia). If the user did wish/state not to have a presence in Wikifur, now a next of kin or legal representative must make this request now after being created.
Really, first there was a complain that we would not allow the article (lack of reference/data), now that it should not be allowed to stay after it was created. A final word/decision on the subject would be helpful,
Now, since there's two users here that are familiar with the person in question, there's a page ready for either of you to fill up so the information can be then added to the Catfx article (since it seems it will take a while to find all the necessary data and might as well add it as it found on the template, not bit by bit on the article). Also, again, handle?: CatFX, CatFx or Catfx?. - Spirou 20:23, 23 March 2014 (EDT)
He may have been concerned that an Internet presence might impact his professional life. Perhaps those who knew him best would be able to explain. The main basis for exclusion on WikiFur is the theory that the presence of an article may hurt the subject; this is diminished significantly after their death. We generally don't accept third-party requests for exclusion, precisely because they do not know the subject's mind. --GreenReaper(talk) 22:29, 23 March 2014 (EDT)

I will be abstaining from further editing on this article as per religious obligations to not go against a deceased persons wishes. User:SiriusKarma-Oggy