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Furmeet vs. convention attendance[edit]

There seems to be some debate about this. In general we don't tend to track attendance at furmeets, other than the occasional mention like "attends LondonFurs meets" without specifying a time. However it strikes me that there may not have been very many conventions (or furries, for that matter) in this area of the world eight years ago, and their attendance at certain meets may therefore have been significant and relevant to their notability here. Of course, ideally such information should also be concise, accurate, referenced and comprehensive for whatever period and to whatever level of detail is deemed useful.

Remember that WikiFur is ultimately a summary, though, not a copy of their diary; it might be best to just reference examples to show that the subject has gone to the meet at least once. Also, if content is behind an access barrier (such that it wouldn't come up on a search engine), it may not be considered "public" by the subject - conversely, if information was not intended to be public, perhaps it might be best to fix that first at the source before trying to remove it here. Limited-purpose public figures do not lose all consideration for their privacy, but hopefully they understand if some editors are interested in their lives and wish to document them. --GreenReaper(talk) 09:52, 1 December 2019 (EST)