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I just thought I'd leave some comments concerning the revamp I've given the BritFur FM article. The information that was previously on it was out-of-date and hadn't been kept fresh for a few months, in which time various things have happened both in the number of shows disappearing and behind the scenes. With BritFur.FM now slowly getting back on its paws, with a fresh website made and stabilisation of the shows, I felt the wiki fur article also needed to go through extensive change. The schedule is now a wiki table; easier to update instead of the impractical photo.

The list of shows and staff has been removed in favour of having that information section underneath the first paragraph detailing links, staff and responsibilities, while underneath the timetable there is now a series of tables containing information about the shows. I've kept the information brief, I justify having the information there as it is informative and give readers a summed up knowledge of what each show is about. There was also presentation value, the information is both tidy and easy to soak in.

This won't be the last of the updating, I'll probably be looking to write up a little bit of history of the station over the last year for informative reasons and to add references.

--Stuart Otterson 01:44, 18 October 2008 (UTC)


Today I noticed Jammingthefates has put a suggestion for splitting up the article.

So... what do you have in mind dare I ask?

I don't particularly see what splitting is needed, though if I hazard a guess it's probably to do with giving each show its own article. I don't see it as neccessary because apart from TigerTails Radio (whom already have a large wiki article), all the other shows would have short stub articles. As BritFur.FM is an umbrella operation, I see it as sensible for the article to contain a summary of each shows it hosts.

--Stuart Otterson 14:59, 19 June 2009 (UTC)

Wait a minute. I suggested the split? Odd... I don't recall any suggestion of that nature. I was only here to put some information on a table on the side. I guess I might have to get to you later on it if it is truly needed. (I hope I wasn't high or anything else of that matter, since I don't even take drugs.) --Jammingthefates 02:34, 20 June 2009 (UTC)Jammingthefates
Back to you on the topic at hand, Mr. Otterson. I am with you on the matter that the BritFur.FM article does not require a split and/or disambiguations for each and every radio show, seeing that like you said, each show (in exception to TigerTails Radio) would only contain a bit of information that pertains to the description of that broadcast. On the other hand however, there are many other articles like that on the subject of authors and cartoonists such as Scott Ramsoomair (the creator of VG Cats) and Mat Sherer & Kat Smith (creators of BDK, Badly Drawn Kittens) that contains vague to little data about the individual, so I cannot see why these radio shows cannot have articles of their own that have the same amount of information likewise. Why not shoot for consistency if TigerTails Radio has their own article and other shows do not?
Anyways, to sum it up, I am against the splitting of the BritFur.FM article at this time. I apologize further hitherto Mr. Otterson for the inconvenience, if I did ever suggest the splicing of the article. --Jammingthefates 02:45, 20 June 2009 (UTC)Jammingthefates
Well I've carefully checked over the history and the split template was definitely inserted on your edit, I suspect you had accidentally copy and pasted it along with the info box, so no harm done and no offence intended Jammingthefates.
I certainly wouldn't be against each show having their own article in addition to them having a summary article on the BritFur.FM page, else the former would look rather empty if it just listed the shows. TigerTails Radio already have a length page since it operated before BritFur.FM and has been going for over 4 years. I know Tryst's Rockbox, Lupus Ex Machina ad Slaughter House Radio have enough history and information to write about, however the 2 former shows are better written by listeners who know the full history behind it while the latter I'm reluctant to write yet since it seems somewhat self indulgent. I'll probably save writing the show a full article for when it enters series 2 later this year.
--Stuart Otterson 16:56, 20 June 2009 (UTC)