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Is this page about the character or the animated series?[edit]

This page appears to be about the animated series, but its title and the first paragraph are about the character. If it's about the animated series, this is the second series, the first appears to be a mixture of live action and puppetry. Perhaps the title of this page should be names Blinky Bill (series) or something? Tai 1 (talk) 20:51, 23 April 2020 (EDT)

Blinky Bill (series) would work (see Sonic the Hedgehog (series) as an example). The character could be branched at a later time as Blinky Bill (character) (see Sonic the Hedgehog (character) as an example too). Do you want me to change the first, or you want to work with it some more?.
Now, The Lion King/Who was the cub?‎ really needs a title change since I can't figure out where that article is going. - Spirou (talk) 01:46, 24 April 2020 (EDT)
Can you change it? That article's direction stumped me. I'll follow your lead once that's done.Tai 1 (talk) 17:50, 24 April 2020 (EDT)
Done. - Spirou (talk) 21:20, 24 April 2020 (EDT)