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My biggest mistake in the time when I was a wizard on SPR - I held Arian back when he was about to leave, because I considered his building a valuable contribution to the MUCK. I learned from that - I never hold anyone back anymore who is on the way out. It brings bad luck. - Unci 12:40, 4 Nov 2005 (UTC)

Well, the past is the past. Who can say for sure how things would have turned out if events had happened otherwise? I don't really know the history behind this all, but perhaps Furscape would never have achieved its current standing if he had left, and others had remained?
I do agree that if people are going it is a good idea to let them, though. I know I would feel bad about trying to hold someone on WikiFur who made good contributions but who was not happy doing so! --GreenReaper(talk) 15:06, 4 Nov 2005 (UTC)