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Is the official name of the station “All Fur Radio” (with spaces) or “AllFurRadio”? --EarthFurst 23:21, 29 January 2008 (UTC)

Without spaces. -Side Dish

We could use a cross-check of this article. I have already corrected some errors known to me, but I'll check that the DJ list is current and accurate. Who know, this article may get some proper expansion one day. :D - Kashi Commodore, AFR-Furc

allfurradio has been put into a sleep for one year. it is still looking for qualified DJs and staff. as well as working in conjunction with its mother company allfurnetwork, which parents 2 other companies allfurmedia and allfurcon.

the owner has also expressed his intreast in current listeners and future listeners to join in on the rebirth of the station saying and i quote "what is AllFurRadio without the listeners it is something for you so it should be molded to what you like."

owner: markus damone contact

hang out location teamspeak 3 (( address is

additional staff and updates added as things progress

Tidyed up the recent additions by unknown user above: Grammar spelling check. I removed the references to the Teamspeak server as it merely served self advertsing. However, may I suggest pending a relaunch that the official website link is maintained for the duration. Articles on AllFurMedia/AllFurCon would be a welcome addtion too, perhaps. Kashicommodore 15:33, 17 November 2010 (UTC)

Alot has happened in the years following AllFurRadio's closing, and in that time alot of things have been forgotten and left. 5 years of no allfurradio and it is now time to come back. AllFurRadio has rebuilt it inner design, as well bring our other branches to the for front. its about being the best of everything for the furry fandom. we cant wait to show you everything new we have to offer.—The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs) .