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Nomination For Speedy Deletion[edit]

Nothing noteworthy or suitable for a WikiFur article exists in the article of ACW Tiger. While it is WikiFur's purpose to, "record information of use to the furry community", the information contained within ACW Tiger's WikiFur article seems more appropriate for a social networking website. The article, as is, only consists of: his age/sex/location, a one sentence description of his furry fictional character, and links to his user accounts on various furry social networking websites on the Internet. In addition, ACW Tiger has created his own WikiFur article about himself, which suggests he is using WikiFur as a personal Facebook account; which is to say, he's leaving his fictional persona's profile and web links here as a calling card. Articles on Wikifur are to contain encyclopedic substance from a neutral point of view, rather than be used for sole purpose of social utility.

Furthermore, an article about an entity should not be used as though it were the property and web space of the same entity whom it discusses. This article lists social contact information about a generally unknown individual of apparent insignificance and negligible contribution to the fandom -- written by the same individual himself. WikiFur is not a blog, nor a social networking website, and should not be used as such.

In summation,

Reasons for speedy deletion: Taken from

  1. NO ENCYCLOPEDIC CONTENT. "Any article which consists only of attempts to correspond with the person or group named by its title." Rather than provide encyclopedic information about ACW Tiger, the article was created for social networking purposes and where to find said persona online by the individual it discusses.
  2. "Very short articles providing little or no context." Contains nothing other than external links of a random furry's social networking accounts, a/s/l and one-line character description. The article is a social calling card as opposed to a meaningful article.

Other reasons for deletion:

  1. NOT NOTABLE. The article doesn't make mention of why ACW Tiger is of significance to furry fandom.
  2. Article used as web host by the individual it discusses.
  3. WikiFur is not Facebook. -- 09:05, 28 March 2010 (UTC)

Whoops, I'm a Jerk[edit]

Ignore all that I wrote. I didn't know that WikiFur allows the creation of vanity pages.

"WikiFur does not forbid the creation of vanity pages. We are pleased to have information about members of the furry community, provided that they do not wish to be excluded, and that the information is accurate and fair to the member concerned." -- 09:55, 28 March 2010 (UTC)