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As posted by User:PeachesWolfiez. --GreenReaper(talk) 22:15, 4 April 2008 (UTC)



So, here's the story...

6eleventeenR was born out of a catchphrase from a prank phone call to a collection agency. When staff members would try to get a phone number, "Bob" told them it was 317-327-6eleventeenR. The prankster called them so often that the staff at the agency had been advised by management to direct all calls from "Bob" to the highest supervisor. But the supervisor made a mistake. He gave "Bob" his full name. "Bob" called the supervisor at home...and told him that his wife had a "purty speakin' voice." Since then, the collection agency made arrangements to change their 1-800 number. Because the defeat of the collection agency was truly epic, this number is immortalized, and will be remembered for zeons and zeons.

Anyway, some furries loved the story, and made it a catchphrase at FWA 2005. Someone would yell "WHAT'S YOUR PHONE NUMBER?" and the furries would cry out to the masses "317-327-6eleventeenR!"

Since then, 6eleventeenR has become a society. Not for or against anything. More like a haven of fun. 6eleventeenR is a feeling within people and can never be banz0rz. Love the fun. Be not the emo, for 6eleventeenR will be there for you.