Tali Hartoh-Mason

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Tali Hartoh-Mason was created as a semi-subtle jab at the early furry fiction convention of a human character meeting a cute furry babe and having romantic relations.

When Tali was first introduced on the Galaxy Local 999 storyboard on The Electric Holt, she was nine months pregnant with Major Matt Mason's children, the result of one such romantic encounter.

Over the years, Tali has evolved into a well-liked pinup subject, with hundreds of illustrations having been done and her own fanzine, TaliVisions.


A biosketch from 1993 is presented below.

  • Name: Tali Hartoh-Mason
  • Age: Mid-20's, Terran
  • Planet of origin: Selene
  • Organizational affiliation: Temporal Corps
  • Rank: Lieutenant-Commander
  • Height: 5'7" (1.70 m)
  • Weight: 55 kg.
  • Complexion: Golden furred
  • Hair: Black, usually worn about three inches longer than shoulder length.
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Special abilities: Qualified in all light and heavy atmosphere, orbital and temporal vehicles. Full military small arms and unarmed combat training.


Lt. Cmdr. Hartoh is a felinoid/ailurine, catlike in appearance. Proportions similar to human female; curvy without being voluptuous. Her long tail has the same short golden fur as the rest of her body. (Character inspiration: Kitten Kaboodle from "Tale Spin", only with black hair.) Duty uniform is TempCorps grey jumpsuit w/ black beret, boots and web belt; armed with needler in belt holster.


While en-route to her post as the Solar Defense Forces liaison to Itania, Aeowulf, M31, then Lieutenant Hartoh's ship encountered a random portion of the Major's hometown that shifted randomly into the space sector through which she was traveling. She was rescued from the wreckage of her ship, and some two legged scavengers, by Major Matt Mason,a TempCorps agent. The encounter with Major Mason resulted in twins, Franq and Jesi, born nine months later during the climax of the Itanian/Mysteron War (The Major, a passenger on the Galaxy Local 999 at the time, was directly involved in the conflict, becoming wounded in action.)

After the Itanian victory, the Major married Tali and Lieutenant-Commander Low, a mercenary from the planet DragonStar, in a double ceremony presided over by King Maston of Itania. The entire menage currently resides in one of Bugtown's few really NICE neighborhoods. Tali transferred to the Temporal Corps and was promoted to Lieutenant-Commander shortly after the Itanian/Mysteron War.

The Masons have two children, Franq and Jesi, aged five years. Since they were conceived in the Major's hometown, it is entirely possible that they may have native reality shifting abilities; however, this has not been definitively proven...

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