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Tali Aurora (real name Alexia), is a furry artist who lives in Oregon, USA.


Tali Aurora is a motherly, protective figure, although her childish side may butt in from time to time. She can be brash, brutally honest, and strict with others. She tends to speak her mind, and express her opinion loudly.


Her main objective in life is to protect others, and fight for what she believes is right. She's taken her name to heart, and vows to protect others.

Tali Aurora
I feel really bad that people always generalize furs, and keep new, curious people out of the fandom. If people actually looked into reliable sources and think, they'd see we aren't all that bad. People shouldn't always assume things about others like that. It makes my heart break when I see other furries, and other human beings being attacked for what they believe in, and what they love. It also brings me great sadness to see other human beings fight one another, spilling their brother's blood... But it's the way it has to be. I never thought I'd have to protect mankind from itself. I know I can't change much, but I do know that I can at least try to make the world a safer, brighter place for those not only through my desire to protect, but to give them happiness through art as well. It brightens my day to see other people happy, even when this world is so dark and horrible.
Tali Aurora

Fandom involvement[edit]

Tali Aurora originally found out about the furry fandom when she received her Toshiba (2011),[clarify] joining officially in early 2014. She moderates her community, used to fights off trolls and raiders to protect her fellow furries, and draws. She now prefers to avoid drama and internet-wars, and now simply wants to live in peace. Although she has recently disbanded Furry Hangout, she is happy.

Her main contribution to the fandom is art, however. She takes requests on occasion, and draws different pictures of her main fursona, as well as others.

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