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TaliVisions first came out in 1993 as a pinup 'zine concentrating on Tali Hartoh-Mason, a character created by Mitch Marmel. To date, six issues of the magazine have been printed, with further issues planned and a CD-ROM collection in the works as well.

TaliVisions is a tad unusual as, in addition to works by familiar artists, depictions of Tali by artists not known for doing furry pics are also included. Thus, one will run into pics by artists like Gahan Wilson, Dick Ayers, Irwin Hasen, Dan Parent and so forth.

Another singularity (at least among pinup zines of the time) is the use of at least one example of sequential art per issue (as opposed to simply presenting a series of pinups). One of the more famous sequences appeared in Issue 4, with a 13 page sequence drawn by Reed Waller depicting a Sapphic afternoon at the TempCorps baths with Tali and her co-mate, Lowchan Mason-Hartoh.

A careful observation of the issues will reveal another trait: Tali wears less and less the further back in the issue you get, with the more explicit art on the back pages...

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