Tales from the Reservation

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"Tales from the Reservation" was a multi-part story written by Darrell Benvenuto, the first three parts of which were published in the American Journal of Anthropomorphics #1-3, accompanied by art from Daphne Lage.

TFTR was centered around a genetically engineered Anthropomorphic person living on a reservation somewhere in Australia, who stumbles upon detailed memory recordings of the first of his kind ever created while exploring the internet - recordings which are encrypted and hidden on a secret US government computer database. Viewing the recordings he learns from almost a first-hand perspective the things his ancestor experienced, including emotions. Unknown to him, as he views the recordings his attitude and personality begin to be affected.

The author claims that the only copy of the complete story was destroyed in the attacks of September 11th, 2001 - yet the story appears to have been officially abandoned before issue #4 of AJA was published (in 1997). To date, the author seems to have no interest or intention of completing it, and has resisted all attempts at either promotion or talk of it.

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