Tales from Watership Down

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Tales from Watership Down is a collection of stories by Richard Adams, and forms a sequel or companion to his novel Watership Down.

Tales from Watership Down was first published in 1996 by Hutchinson, as a hardcover with the ISBN 0-09-180166-4.[1]


  • PART I
  1. The Sense of Smell
  2. The Story of the Three Cows
  3. The Story of King Fur-rocious
  4. The Fox in the Water
  5. The Hole in the Sky
  6. The Rabbit's Ghost Story (previously printed in Richard Adams's Favorite Animal Stories, 1981)
  7. Speedwell's Story
  1. The Story of the Comical Field
  2. The Story of the Great Marsh
  3. The Story of the Terrible Hay-making
  4. El-ahrairah and the Lendri
  1. The Secret River
  2. The New Warren
  3. Flyairth
  4. Flyairth's Departure
  5. Hyzenthlay in Action
  6. Sandwort
  7. Stonecrop
  8. Campion

About the stories[edit]

The introduction states that the first five stories, about El-ahrairah, are "traditional stories, which all rabbits know"[1] (an exaggeration, as not all the rabbit characters are familiar with the stories). "The Rabbit's Ghost Story" is told by Coltsfoot, a rabbit from Efrafa. "Speedwell's Story" is a nonsense story.

Part II contains four more stories about "El-ahrairah and his stalwart, Rabscuttle", and Part III "further tales of Hazel and his rabbits, which took place during the winter, spring and early summer following the defeat of General Woundwort."[1] The stories in Part III are closely connected, each following directly from the previous one.


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