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Tales from Apartment 232 is a story series on Yiffstar started in early 2003 by the furry author Damion St. James, relating the various adventures of several furs living in an apartment building in Los Angeles, California. It is a collection of short individual stories collected together to make an ongoing soap opera of the main character Renee Morningstar and his companions. The story series is told in the passive first person, with Renee being the narrator as well as an active character.

The series itself is about a homosexual fox who works as a kickboxing instructor at the Camelia Dojo, as well as a part time gay porn star for Adam & Steve Adult Films. Renee also fancies himself an avid Satanist, though as the story is written Renee's Satanisim seems to be sporadic and half-hearted, however his intent seems to be right on.


The story series contains a wide variety of species. Damion has worked hard to include many different animals. The series does almost completely without the mention of a single female character. Damion's intent was to produce an all-male story series, but ran out of logical reasons to segregate the women from his series. In later installments, women get starring rolls in scenes, as well as transsexuals and transvestites.

While Damion has been quite creative, he also has been polite to honor his friends in his series with cameos and continuing roles. Micah Fennec's characters most prominantly take a roll throughout the series, since Damion origionally wrote the series specifically for Micah. Later, other characters such as Jason the Tabby make brief appearances, ultimately to be written out of the series or forgotten entirely.

Bill "Kooshmeister" Hiers makes his presence felt in the story series when he introduces the "Fletcher Family", an evil rabbit family consisting of Alex, Ben, and Lucky (Cookie), Alex's henchmen Heckyl and Jeckyl, and the awkward servant Fabian Grizzard. Damion brings a marriage made in hell when Alex's partner in life and crime is introduced, Spike.

Some of the characters in the series, while ongoing, take minor roles. Gustauv Stauss plays the German director of Adam & Steve films, and Lt. Mitchell comes in every now again to get hot and bothered for Chong the pothead.


232 Crew[edit]

Renee Morningstar (red fox), Asher (border collie), Chong (golden retriever), Rowdy McDowell (white wolf), Sparky Deberoux (cheetah), Jicenta Deberoux (otter),

Other protagonists[edit]

Lt. Kurt Mitchell, Mr. Pesti


Spike (mink), Alex Fletcher (rabbit)

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