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Takumori Softwing (born November 13, 1973),[1] also known as Taku, is a fursuiter and fursuit-maker who lives in Sunnyvale, California, USA.[2] His fursona is a feral dragon, but tends to be shown in anthro form. His coloring is mostly black with red accenting throughout his body. He has also been known as the dragon Solaris, his alternate character.

Takumori has been involved in the furry community for over 5[when?] years and makes custom costumes under the label Scaleworx Creations, ranging from basic to highly detailed. One of his first creations was a black and red full-body latex dragon, and one of his first commissions was a full-body silicone rubber gecko. Takumori has begun[when?] working with fur to expand the limits of his creations.

Takumori is highly skilled in many jobs, holding a commercial drivers license, and a background in operating construction equipment. Currently{[when}} he works at an Armed Guard for Loomis.

Takumori's interests include working on and creating custom vehicles, scuba diving, fursuits and fursuiting, dragons, and orcas. He has also been doing tattooing for over 5 years.[when?]


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