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Takuma Kitsune (born November 23, 1989),[1] also known as just Taku and previously Sozzy Firepaw, is a furry artist who lives in Indiana, USA. His fursona is a silver kitsune and (as Sozzy) was previously a skox (skunk-fox hybrid).

Takuma has been a furry since 2001. He works on OCs and he is learning to be a computer programmer and game designer. He started as a skox but became a kitsune otherkin over time.


Clyde Brower A human who is known as the most furry like human he was raised by furries and picked up their culture. Clyde is vary loyal to the Furries and Believes all humans are meant to serve Furries. Clyde is seen as a little dense minded but most furries even the ones who are not found of humans like him for is high loyalty.

Kuzack Trakzinov A psychotic serial killer red panda who will come off as cute to trick his victims he was born in the Northern Caucasus area and was one of the first people to be genetically made into a furry in the mid 80s.

Flink A biker punk possum who is a leader of a biker gang who is rude but if someone respect his lifestyle he will be kind to that person. Flink was raised to be a anarchist by his family.


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Sozzy Firepaw's profile

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