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Mistress Taisia

Taisia is one of the founders of Tapestries and a wizard there, as well as on Realms MUCK. She is not a leopard, is in fact a jaguar. She first appeared as a character on FurryMUCK on August 4th 1991, after several months on TimeTraveller, Qwest, and a few other unknown Mu*s, Taisia, an Xavian Panther assassin, from a series of stories called The Cystal Clan. Shaterri, the Wizard on duty at the time, created the kitty's DB, and she ended up #20 of the muck.

After a few weeks on Furry, Taisia went off with Whitefire to create Tapestries Muck, another muck, and still holds #db 13. For about 2 years she was BlackWizard, where the Crystal Palace resides, and the Crystal Clan was very active for over 3 years.

The Crystal Palace, was the home for several Masters/Mistresses and their Pets/Slaves/Subs, which included the Crystal Clan. Mistress Taisia, herself had at one point, one of the largest harems, and was probably one of the most in-demand Dommes on Tapestries during the early years. Part of the PleasureDome was created in her honor. There is rumors that there is a secret passage way from the Clan palace to the PleasureDome.

Due to time constraints and relationship changes, Mistress Taisia released all but one of her pets.

The Player[edit]

The player still occasionally pops onto the Mu* to hang out, or just catch up on the latest news. However for a lot of reasons, her player tends to not like having her real name used, sorta this hiding thing because of her professional career. Taisia is both a persona, and a personal fur.

She has been involved heavily in the past on staff with AnthroCon, made several pilgrimages (as a sponsor and supersponser) to Confurence, and it was her living room, during Thanksgiving one year that the first makings of Further Confusion, with Whitefire and several other furs outlining the first rough thoughts for the convention.

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