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Taint Stirling, by The Ferret

Taint Stirling is the furry representation of his creator within the fandom. His species is a mix between a fox and a thylacine, inheriting traits from both species.

Taint underwent a large number of design and name changes early in his creation, starting off as a weasel, then becoming a coyote, a fox, and finally a mix of fox and thylacine. The inspiration for the mix of thylacine came from the Graphic Novel Stolen Generation, which inspired the creator to throw something interesting into the plain mix of fox.

Physically, Taint stands at about 5'7", weighing roughly 70 kgs. The majority of his fur is the same pattern and colours of a common red fox, with a few differences: the red and white colourations are now a dustier shade, from the thylacine genetics. As well as that, Taint possess stripes from the back of his neck to a couple of inches down his tail, as well as some markings around the eyes. His hair is dark brown, and goes down to his shoulder blades. His eyes are a very deep brown.

Taint is normally seen with a grey raincoat, a trademark that has stuck with him from early on in his design. Apart from that, anything goes: from jeans and a T-shirt, to a three-piece suit. Sometimes, Taint wears shades, and occasionally a broad rimmed, brown hat (Inspired from the fourth Doctor Who).

Personality wise, Taint is generally happy and fun loving. However, he is slightly anti-social at times. Taint tends to get easily annoyed at idiots, and is incredibly attracted to skunks. Most of his personality and traits are taken from his creator, as well as his place of residence (Australia).

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