Tails of the City

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Tails of the City is a serial story by Regan Pylman (R. S. Pylman). Originally written in weekly installments from the middle of 1997 to the middle of 1998, each episode was posted on the world-wide web, provided free to readers. A total of fifty episodes were published, receiving critical acclaim and fan affection.

The serial was a slice-of-life story, revolving primarily around the characters Michelle, Stacie, Mirrium, and David. Michelle is a coyote who works in a ecclectic, pagan-oriented bookstore; she falls in love with Stacie, a straight puma who is studying river and stream ecology at the local university. David is also a coyote, a veteran trying to find a place in the civilian world, and bouncing from job to job. He, like Michelle, lives on Encinal street, with his roommate, Mirrium. Mirrium is a hyena with a crushed self-image, who inadvertantly becomes a hero to an old homeless woman.

As much as the series is about anything, it is about the places life takes us when we're not expecting them. It's about how creatures interact, how they puzzle, infuriate, charm, and love one another. It could be any neighborhood where neighbors interact.

Did you know? D.C. Simpson created illustrations of several characters from Tails of the City.

Did you know? Regan Pylman has said that the setting of Tails of the City is a disguised version of Raleigh, North Carolina, where she was living when she began writing the series.

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