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Tails Refuge
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Tails Refuge was a furry forum website, opened in 2011, that went public in 2012. Featuring multiple categories of forum topics as well as an integrated live chat room. The early years of the site saw increasing levels of internal drama and staffing issues, until 2015, when an overhaul of the site and staff brought about a number of much needed changes. After which, the site prospered and became a very welcoming and non-toxic environment, especially for new members of the fandom to find their footing. In 2016, a Discord server was launched to replace the integrated chat. During the years to follow, activity migrated more and more to the Discord server, and away from the forums. By the end of 2020, the original site was all but barren of activity, leading the founder to cancel the contract for the host server of the site.

Tails Refuge remains as a discord server still, owned and operated by the second generation staff, who continue to maintain a safe, healthy, and enjoyable environment for their members.

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