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This article is about the video game by Circus. For other uses of Tail Tale, see Tail Tale
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Tail Tale (a.k.a. Yaminabe Aries: Tale Tail, 闇鍋Aries) is a PC visual novel video game released in Japan only, in 2000, by a developer called Circus. A fan translation has been done by a member of WildCritters. It is sorted, by the developer, as Volume 2 of "Yaminabe Aries ~Ashita he no Chosenjyou~" ("Dark Pan Aries ~Challenge Literature Towards Tomorrow~"), which is a collection of unrelated visual novel stories. Classified as an adventure game, Tail Tale is based on Kemono Hentai, and claimed to be the first of its own kind. It has an English fan-translation by members of Wild critters.


In a world consisting of floating continents, there exist races of kemono-s with different fur colours. One of the races is known as "Mao"﹝マオ族. At the east and the west edge of the continent, there are two villages- "Bastalk"(?)﹝バストーク and "Zarpat"(?)﹝ザパト﹞respectively.

The protagonist living in Bastalk, Rick, looks much forward to being able to build an aircraft (there are none in that civilization) in order to explore a new world. On a very day, while Rick is picking herbs for healing his sick younger brother, Nap, he crossed paths with a girl living in Zarpat, Run. And the life of Rick is going to be changed forever after this encounter...


  • Rick (Lick?) Zack ﹝リック・ザック﹞
    • Protagonist of the game, a KemoShota (furry cub [male]) living in Bastalk. His father died in the crash of aircraft experiment, and he is succeeding this ambition.
  • Nap Zack ﹝ナップ・ザック﹞
    • Rick's KemoShota younger brother. Having pulmonary sickness, he has to stay in his bed. He likes to read books and translate the old ones, while sometimes he looks for forbidden literature about aircraft as well as the outside world.
  • Run Turn ﹝ラン・タン﹞
    • A KemoLoli (female cub) maiden living in Zarpat. Her father is from Bastalk. Run's tail is wrapped by a long roll of ribbon.
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