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Taebyn finds his collar at BLFC 2017.

Taebyn Pup, or just Taebyn, is a fursuiter and YouTuber from the United States.

Fandom Involvement[edit]

Although Taebyn has been a fur for 20+ years (Disney's Robin Hood was one of his earliest anthropomorphic influences), he has only been active in the furry fandom for about four of those years. He was the fandom Guest of Honor at Furlandia 2019.[1]

Taebyn is a co-host on the furry podcast, Bearly Furcasting Feat. Taebyn, with co-host Bearly Normal.


Taebyn's fursona species is a Border collie/Bermese mountain dog hybrid.[2]

Convention Attendance[edit]

(*) GoH
(**) Virtual convention


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