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Tacoma (formerly Tacoma TigressFire) is a furry artist and active Furcadian. She was born August 10, 1985 in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. where she currently resides.

Tacoma (feral) cuddles with partner, Lunati.
Tacoma's Portrait.

Tacoma was very active on Deviantart between 2003-2009, but has dedicated more time to projects on Furcadia between 2011-2017. Her fursona is a white tiger with sky blue stripes and large avian wings known as a Cloud Tiger. Tacoma takes on various forms in art and stories and is a skilled shapeshifter. Feline forms come most naturally for her and as such, Tacoma is able to stay in any feline form without a time limit. She takes full advantage of this and is found quite frequently in the form of a gryphon (as they are physiologically part feline). Tacoma retains her signature markings of blue on white fur/feathers/scales even when she has changed species. In art, she is commonly found in either anthropomorphic, feral or taur form.



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