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TacFur TombStone as part of Furry Fiesta 2015's security. Photo by BMG.
A properly tagged replica M16 rifle equipped with an M203 grenade launcher (orange muzzles)

TacFur/TACFur or TacFurry/TACFurry (pl. TacFurries/TACFurries), also known as Tactical Fur/Furries,[1] is a term identifying those furs with a large interest in Military (MIL) or Law enforcement (LEO) tactical-related items and gear.


Mostly American and conservatives, the great majority are supporters of the right to keep and bear arms, be it the American Second Amendment to the United States Constitution or foreign furs' own countries' right to bear arms.

Most cosplay or LARP in tactical gear at furry conventions or furmeets, with some doing so while in fursuit (full or partial).[1] TacFurs have also worked as staff members in MIL/LEO gear.

Although some TacFurs may have served in the military, they are not related to the MILFurs.


Gear is essentially all MIL or LEO-related, including carriers/bulletproof vests, tactical clothing, medical pouches, ammo holders, combat helmet (such as the US' Advanced Combat Helmet), etc, also with them either being real or replicas.


TacFurs' weapons can be real, but most are replicas or props (like Airsoft guns or rubber Ka-Bar knifes), and generally, most TacFurs use common sense and follow the guidelines of treating such items as the "real thing" while at a venue (finger of the trigger, unloaded magazines, non-threatening use of them, properly marked muzzles [either painted bright orange or the muzzle produced in a plastic/rubber orange material], having the trigger zip tied, etc).

Additionally, each furcon or meet they attend may post further guidelines on the proper use of these weapons in cosplay/LARPing while at the venue.[2]

Even so, carrying such replica/imitation firearms, or the improper use of them (such as pointing them towards congoers or venue guests),[3] may be illegal or restricted in some US states,[4] regardless if a furry event allows it or not.


Some American furs don't feel comfortable around TacFurs at cons and events due to the multiple occurrences of mass shooting in the United States, specifically at schools and events (i.e. the 2017 Las Vegas shooting), and the general gun culture in the US.[5][6]


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