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Tabbicus as depicted by A.G. Silver Shepherd

Tabbicus is a member of the furry fandom. He was introduced to it by A.G. Silver Shepherd in December of 2005. He has been mated to Khortl Wolf since October of 2006.

The character[edit]

Tabbicus Polydactyl Domesticus (commonly shortened to Tabbi or Tabs) has adopted the avatar of a polydactyl cat. His fur is royal blue with yellow markings. He has medium-length maroon hair and green eyes.


The main inspiration for the Tabbicus fursona was one of Tabbi's cats in real life, Paws. Like the character, he was a polydactyl Maine Coon.

The name, Tabbicus Domesticus, has no real-life significance. It was coined to sound like a taxonomic classification.

Tabbi's main colors (blue, gold, and maroon) were inspired by the colors of the Arizona State Flag.

Con attendance and activity[edit]

Tabbicus has attended the following conventions and furry events:

Poker Tournaments[edit]

Tabbi is known for running poker tournaments at furry conventions, helping to raise funds for the charity supported by the convention. He previously directed poker tournaments at Califur and Rocky Mountain Fur Con. In 2014, he began running Further Confusion's tournament. In 2015, he began running the tournament for Biggest Little Fur Con. In 2019, Tabbi began running the tournament for Painted Desert Fur Con. Most recently, Tabbi returned to Denver to run the DenFur tournament, beginning in 2023.

Degen Con[edit]

In 2018, Tabbi organized and initiated Degen Con, an annual private furmeet held at the Aquarius Casino Resort in Laughlin, Nevada. The name is a tongue-in-cheek description of the gambling habits of its attendees. Other activities include group meals, day trips, and fursuiting along the Colorado River. The event is held annually on December 26-30 and has occurred every year since its inception.

In June 2021, the inaugural Degen Con East occurred in and around Atlantic City, New Jersey. A second iteration occurred in August 2022.

Phoenix Furness[edit]

Tabbicus is credited with coining the name Phoenix Furness. Before the convention idea was abandoned, he was a member of the convention's board and served in the capacity of Guest of Honor Relations.


Tabbi's partial fursuit
Tabbi in full fursuit dancing with Tzup
In 2007, Tabbi announced that he commissioned a custom partial fursuit, modeled after his fursona, from Lacy. The suit was completed in January 2008. The suit's first con appearance was FC08.

In January 2009, Tabbi made the down payment on a full fursuit for his character, also made by Lacy. The suit was completed in September 2009 and debuted at FURconsin 2009.

Version 3 of the head
In August 2012, at RMFC, Tabbi surprise debuted the third version of his fursuit head, once again made by Lacy.

Outside of Furry[edit]

Tabbicus lives in Phoenix, Arizona. He was born in 1989 in New York City. However, his family moved to Phoenix when he was only two months old, and he has lived there ever since.

Interest in Disney[edit]

Tabbi has a strong interest in Disney parks. His favorite attraction is The Haunted Mansion. He is also a fan of Disney's older live-action films, such as Bedknobs and Broomsticks.


Tabbi attended Arizona State University. He graduated in the Summer 2012 semester with a Bachelor of Science in Sociology.

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