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The Lion King Fan-Art Archive (or TLKFAA for short) is the largest collection of The Lion King fan artwork on the Internet, featuring over 7,000 artists with a total of over 364,000 published pictures as of January 2009.

TLKFAA is a monument to the devotion of furry fans and others to Disney's 1994 blockbuster animated film. Established as part of in late 1995, it contains artwork by a full gamut of artists, from professionals to fans who can barely do more than put pencil to paper or push a mouse. As with any fan art, the subjects to be found in the archive are often characters created by the artists for the established Lion King paradigm. The site also offers a place for artists with a visual style similar to that of Disney films to share their non-Lion King-related artwork.

TLKFAA is also connected to the Lion King Fan Art Messageboard, nicknamed "Lilymud" by its users for its random URL.

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