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This article is about the novel. For character by Mark Merlino, see Theta.
Cover of THETA.

THETA is a furry novel by Sasya Fox. It was published by Snowfox Press in August 2013.[1]

The synopsis of THETA reads: [1]

In a future starscape where the children of man have succumbed to humanity's long-forgotten vices, THETA is a story of a dark, twisting dance of intrigue, love and loss among the stars.

Stuck in a dramatic struggle between death and life, a young dancer must choose between his enigmatic past and an uncertain future. Unable to let go of what he was, unable to face what he is, beset on all sides by forces he doesn't understand, he's on a collision course with destiny...and his time is running out.

For Jale Bercammon, however, life is comfortable, stable, and slipping on by. Every day is routine, and she's become an expert at maintaining routine. And then she meets Theta. Reeled in by the enigmatic and sinister Knoskali to explain his disappearance, she's set on a path that will take all of her resolve and ingenuity to survive.



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