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TFnet is a small IRC network which serves the members and others relating to the Transformation Story Archive. The network was founded in January of 2001 after the Undernet IRC network was disabled by a major denial-of-service attack.

There are two primary channels on the network:

  • #TSA_Talk was the original channel on the network, and originally started as a gathering point for members of the TSA-Talk mailing list. It has expanded into more general transformation talk, but with less emphasis on role playing.
  • #Transformations is a secondary channel created with lesser restrictions on role playing content. Otherwise it serves the same purpose of the original channel.

Many of the users on the network are members of both channels, and over time the distinction between the two has faded until they are nearly identical.

Other channels do exist on the network and not every channel is transformation related. There is no restriction to transformation related content on the network. For example, #TSA_Tech was created to try to remove the technical talk from the main channels, although this has not proved to be very effective.

The service is provided by the Lapinian Embassy (formerly Menagerie Internet Services.)

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