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The Furry Pound (TFP)
TFP Logo, created by Witchiebunny
Author(s) * Administrators: Purplecat, Caigan Mythfang, Arcalane, Endeavour3D, Nikkyvix, DrJones, Jinx, Pathia, Keller, Sekh, Rollingeye, Nynn, Sarki, Python, Commander Lost, Codelizard, Thellos, Abramelin, Biofreak, Akita, Draganta, Siyu, Sparra, JousterL, Gami, Felix^, Salen Stormwing, Rikes
  • Retired Admins:Helios, Skunkfox, Austin, Taross, Retro, Witchiebunny, Xpray
Launch date 25 July 2008
End date Ongoing
Genre Gaming Community
Web 14

The Furry Pound, commonly abbreviated to TFP, is a furry gaming community founded in 2008 by a number of gaming furries looking to run and operate their own servers. The Furry Pound has grown to be the largest private furry gaming group on Steam, with over 4000 members all of which can send invitations. It is known both in and outside the furry community for its well maintained servers and helpful community, as well as its steam chat room, which averages 30 or more members at any given time. [citation needed]

Servers and community[edit]

The Furry Pound currently runs three Team Fortress 2 servers in the United States and one Minecraft server.[1]. Occasionally, temporary servers are released for new game releases such as Killing Floor and Counter-Strike. The group is always seeking to expand into new games that the furry community is interested in, with new server ideas being submitted by the community as games are released.

The Furry Pound runs numerous community events, ranging from "TF2 Drinking Night" for its adult members, using its custom Drinking Game plugin, to larger Halloween and Christmas themed events, which are detailed on its newsletter.[2].


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